Which one is the Best?

Saturday, April 15, 2006
Please Do Let me know...on the grade of 5...




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Debs said...

No1= 4 out of 5.
No2= ************Excellent5 out of 5.
No3= 3 out of 5- nice but not as good as the others!
Do you ever think about posting on FAR? (FanArtReview).
I'm on there under the user name of "jazzle".
Its an excellent place to sharpen your skills- its for photographers and artists of every level.
PS. When you checked out my website- did it take long to download? Esp. the quicktime movie...?
Anyway-----nice pics!!!

Anchal said...

Thanks for the evaluation Debs
No i never heard about FAR...would go there now...thanks for telling me.

RE: Website
Yes, that movie did take little long to download...why don't you set it to manual play...or...if you want, I can help you with a script picture slideshow script like I have one on my other blog.