Meteor Shower

Friday, August 13, 2010
After spending about 4hrs at one spot...and in total trip of around 9hrs, with the picture count of 114, how many pictures was I able to capture meteor? 

4 Pictures in total...Seriously, to take each picture it took between 1min to 2min...It was not just point n shoot, I had to set long exposure (50sec-120sec)...It was just like a flash of short streek of light...and very very hard to the time you realize and see it, it is already gone... Very Happy

But wow, apparently from the people I met there, it was not as many as the media was exaggerating for...I saw about 25-30 Meteors... Oh yea, one more thing...if I didn't know it was a Meteor, and seen it, to me it would just be shooting stars... Very Happy

The next date is August 27, I will try to go...don't know yet...I hope you enjoy these pictures...

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